World Chess Hall of Fame Solo Exhibition of Purling London Chess

photograph courtesy of Michael De Filippo
We were delighted when we received an invitation from the World Chess Hall of Fame, St. Louis, to exhibit a solo show of our Purling London artist-painted chess sets!  We launched the show “Painted Pieces” last month and will be continuing to fascinate and entertain visitors with our display of over 20 unique sets until mid September.

Purling collaborated with numerous artists including Thierry Noir (the first artist to paint the Berlin Wall), Mr. Doodle, Sophie Matisse, Lhouette, Christiaan Nagel, Daniel Brusatin, Tom Hackney and more. Our “Painted Pieces” show occupies a full floor of the museum and tackles the themes of:
  • The #metoo campaign and female equality,
  • Plastics in the ocean,
  • Chance verses strategy,
  • Peace (and chemical warfare),
  • The balance between opposites (creation & destruction),
  • Marcel Duchamp (and retinal art),
  • Nativity,
  • Love,
  • Space,
  • The seasons,
  • Maximalism,
  • Life long learning and more
The chess sets are also diverse in terms of design. Materials include diamond dust, copper leaf, shattered glass, boxwood, hand-made stained glass, leather, acrylic spray paint, burnt oak, sea sponge…
Also being showcased are 4 of Purling London’s chess sets, which have been meticulously 3D modelled for the Virtual Reality Playstation4 game from Ripstone ‘Chess Ultra’. Visitors to the museum can challenge each other or the computer to a game on one of our Purling London sets in VR!
See the World Chess Hall of Fame website for more about the exhibition.
Take a look at our Bespoke page to see our latest artist painted Art Chess sets.
Find out more about Purling London X Ripstone collaboration in Chess Ultra  and how to purchase.
Photograph courtesy of World Chess Hall of Fame/close up of chess pieces courtesy of Michael de Filippo

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