Virginia Griffith-Jones - bespoke games
Virginia Griffith-Jones at work in her studio. Art Chess by Virginia Griffith-Jones “Kandinsky”

Virginia Griffith-Jones is an artist based in Kent.  Her artistic journey has taken her from focussing on traditional themes such as still life and landscapes using both oil and watercolour, to multi-media reinterpretations of classical themes with a contemporary slant.  By changing shapes, patterns and colours to evoke certain desired moods and atmospheres, she succeeds in challenging what one perceives as reality.  At the same time Virginia Griffith-Jones’ ultimate aim is to portray the joy of life.

“I wanted to have a playful feel to my chess set.  By limiting my palette to 4 colours, I allow the painting of the pieces move between shape, line and colour, resulting in a bright, happy and colourful individual piece of art.”

Virginia Griffith-Jones

It is very clear from looking at her chess set that Virginia Griffith-Jones is strongly influenced by the influential Russian artist, theorist and teacher at the famous Bauhaus School (1922-1933), Wassily Kandinsky.

“Every work of art is the child of its age and, in many cases, the mother of our emotions.  It follows that each period of culture produces an art of its own which can never be repeated.”

(Wassily Kandinsky)

black and white Kandinsky inspired chess set with colourful decoration
Art Chess by Virginia Griffith-Jones “Kandinsky”
painting of bees and flowers
“Bees” by Virginia Griffith-Jones
painting of birds and flowers
“Birds” (extract) by Virginia Griffith-Jones

Virginia Griffith-Jones has exhibitions across the UK and in the capital, including London’s 54 The Gallery. A selection of her work is currently on display in the prestigious Soho House, St John’s Woods, London.

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Black and white chess pieces with colourful embellishments
Art Chess by Virginia Griffith Jones “Kandinsky”