Traditional Chess Set – Heritage Chess

Heritage Chess‘ is the classic, traditional chess set from Purling London. Each exquisite, beautifully weighted piece in these Staunton chess sets, is hand-carved by highly skilled craftsmen, delicately polished and finished with branded Italian Nappa leather felts.

woman's hand picking up a wooden chess piece
Hand carved wooden chess pieces with wood grain
A grey box with a female hand untying a purple ribbon
Heritage Chess set in its beautiful packaging
Staunton chess pieces in a line
Heritage Chess Premium by Purling London

This elegant chess set is the epitome of classical style, incorporating the rich darkness of Ebony opposed with the warm, pale golden sheen of Boxwood. Our Staunton-design Heritage Chess is presented with a premium maple wood board and includes four Queens per set for effortless Pawn promotion. Presented with a Purling London certificate and British-made packaging, each Heritage Chess is a work of wood-carving art to be treasured.


  • 34 hand-carved, triple-weighted, Ebony opposed with Boxwood Staunton chess pieces, 10.2cm
  • Hand-polished finish
  • Italian Nappa leather felts with 18 carat gold embossed Purling logos
  • Classic Maple wood board, 2kg, 45x45cm
  • Luxury packaging & certificate

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traditional Staunton chess pieces in a line
woman's hand moving a chess piece
Heritage Chess Premium by Purling London
Traditional chess set with Classic maple wood board
hand carved wooden chess pieces in a dark box with a purple ribbon

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