Thierry Noir - bespoke games
Thierry Noir painting a Purling Art Chess set in his studio and ‘The Pink Street Manifest of Shoreditch’ (extract)

Thierry Noir was born in 1958 in Lyon, France and relocated to Berlin in 1982.  In April 1984, Noir began to paint the Berlin Wall and is credited as being the first artist to do so.  Noir’s objective was to perform one real revolutionary act: To paint the Berlin wall.

Since the eighties, Noir’s exploits and highly distinctive visual language with its bold lines and vibrant, flat colours and have become world famous and have been immortalised in popular culture such as Wim Wenders’ 1987 film “The Wings of Desire” and the cover of U2’s album “Achtung Baby”.

Today Thierry Noir is increasingly recognised and celebrated as a key forerunner of the modern street art movement.

blue and pink chess set with chess board featuring signature Thierry Noir face motif
Thierry Noir x Purling Art Chess ‘Chess Noir’
‘Thierry Noir: Painting Walls’ documentary. Source: Huck

Chess is more than a game. If you consider that life is a game then Chess is like life. Complicated and simple at the same time. Everything is in chess: Sport, strategy, politics, warm and cold feeling, tragedy, error, joy and sadness, doubt and certainty. It looks like street painting and especially the Berlin Wall painting that started my life as an artist in April 1984.

Thierry Noir

For more information about Thierry Noir visit: @thierrynoir

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Thierry Noir World Chess in Berlin
Actual pieces of the Berlin Wall painted by Thierry Noir – Purling co-ordinated this sculpture for the World Chess Candidates’ Tournament Gala, Berlin
Thierry Noir chess ice sculpture with Sergey Karjakin
GM Sergey Karjakin with the Thierry Noir Berlin Wall ice sculpture
Berlin Wall art work by Thierry Noir
Thierry Noir’s artwork on the Berlin Wall
Acton Gardens art work by Thierry Noir
Thierry Noir’s artwork at Acton Gardens
"The Show Must Go On" painting by Thierry Noir
‘The Show Must Go On’ (extract) and Art Chess ‘Chess Noir’ by Thierry Noir