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+ Daniel Brusatin X Purling Art Chess “Reconciled Dichotomy (Creation v. Destruction)” +


  • Beautiful, one-off hand-crafted chess table, incorporating an elegant burnt-oak wooden frame and illuminated, stained-glass chess board
  • Hand-made in England
  • 34 hand-carved, triple-weighted, boxwood chess pieces
  • Individually hand-painted in matt black and gloss black by Daniel Brusatin
  • Table dimensions 150 x 70 x 70 cm (59 x 27 ½ x 27 ½ “)
  • King height 10.2cm (4″), weight 75g (approx. 2.65 oz)
  • Purling London branded leather felts
  • Supplied with power adaptor and dimmer
  • Unique certificate personally signed by the artist
  • Complimentary express global shipping

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My chess table is inspired by the balance between opposites. Creation and destruction. The lines as the hands of Michelangelo’s ‘La Création D’Adam’ from opposite sides nearly touch each other and maintain a tension, thus creating balance in the board and giving the illusion of forward movement. The pink splatters symbolise beauty of thought amid the battlefield and the colour frame paradise out of it. Both sides are black (gloss black + matt black) giving the illusion of equality between battling sides but symbolically the light of war makes them different.

Daniel Brusatin

Learn more about Daniel Brusatin and how to commission a bespoke game HERE.

Purling London Couture Chess aspires to be the ultimate expression of chess and art. They are ambitious one-off works by British-based contemporary artists which combine Purling London’s professional grade, 34 piece, triple weighted chess set with vital and thought provoking messaging; and a truly unforgettable game experience.

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