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+ Bold Darts – Solar Red +


  • Set of 3x Tungsten Darts
  • Solar Red
  • Aluminium, Tungsten, steel, polyester’
  • Made in England



PURLING LONDON GAMES have been exhibited at Christie’s and the Saatchi Gallery. Many have been the choice of royalty, renowned interior designers, art collectors and professional games players. Every Darts set is made England.

PURLING LONDON BOLD DARTS combine perfect balance, stylish aesthetics and high-performance. Made in England with professional specification 90% Tungsten barrels and aluminium shafts they are instruments of precision. Ideal for both amateurs and experts, our design incorporates laser-engraved Purling logos in the beautifully weighted grip and aerodynamic, street-art inspired flights. Complete with spare accessories and presented in a luxury Purling gift box these handsome arrows are second only to Cupid’s.

Precision machined Tungsten is the optimum material for high-end darts – denser than brass and steel alternatives, it allows the dart to be made narrower for the same weight and thus it is more easy to fit 3 of them in the treble 20 for the perfect score of One-hundred-and-eighty(!)

Simon Purkis, Founder and Director, Purling London


  • Set of 3x Tungsten Darts
  • Made in England
  • 24g, 90% tungsten barrels, toughened steel tips
  • Laser-engraved Purling London logo on the barrel
  • Aluminium, colour-coordinated shafts
  • Bespoke flights with Purling ‘paint splash’
  • Includes 3 x spare flights and shafts
  • Purling London luxury gift box

Service & Delivery

Service & Delivery
Our Service – We pride ourselves on the highest quality and finest service. We are very happy to assist you with your queries and offer guidance on our products. Please do get in touch with us and we will happily send your further high-resolution images and specifications. Email our customer service team: Simon, Colm, Annie and team via our contact form below. We hope you enjoy our playful products!
Best regards, The Purling London team.

Dispatched from London, U.K. via DHL Express / other Express courier within 1 business day.
The stated price includes importation tax, if applicable, to the USA and EU countries.
Other than the above, prices do not include importation taxes where applicable.

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