Ripstone’s Chess Ultra X Purling (Video game) has Launched!

Ripstone's Chess Ultra with Purling London

We are excited to announce the launch of the Purling London Chess on Ripstone’s ‘Chess Ultra on Playstation 4 and other platforms today!

Videogame developer and publisher, Ripstone has partnered with us, to bring several of our bespoke, hand-painted chess sets to the virtual world.

Purling’s one-off, hand-painted Art Chess sets are widely admired, but don’t necessarily fit everyone’s budget. Through our collaboration with this cutting-edge game, Chess Ultra, we hope to democratise these beautiful artworks and allow millions more people to experience and collect them.

Together with Ripstone, we have modelled the Purling chess set in stunning 4K detail and wrapped the surfaces with precisely scanned, original artwork to closely match real, physical Art Chess sets worth thousands of dollars.


Chess Ultra and each of the special Purling London Chess set add ons are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and VR.

*Search ‘Purling’ in the online game stores.*

Our Chess Ultra Purling Chess sets will form part of our forthcoming exhibition at World Chess Hall of Fame exhibition (“Painted Pieces – Art Chess by Purling London”) from 12th April 2018.

Visitors to our solo show will be able to enjoy playing against each other on our Purling chess sets in virtual reality, after having seen several of the actual sets from the computer game on display!

Initially Chess Ultra is offering chess sets by Purling artists, Olivia Pilling with her fluid, warm, painterly style; street artist Mr. Jiver with his trademark magenta paint splatter; Nette Robinson with her highly-detailed St. Basil’s
Cathedral-inspired set; and Purling’s best-selling Bold Chess set in Classic Red & Shadow Black.

Owners of this cutting-edge game by Ripstone can challenge friends or pit themselves against the computer, as well as players of Chess Ultra all over the world.

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