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Thomas Dowdeswell

Thomas Dowdeswell Siamese Schizophrenic and hand painted chess pieces

Thomas Dowdeswell is a British contemporary artist who is reinventing Vorticism, Constructivism and Futurism for the 21st Century. Working primarily in oils Thomas’ current collection has involved the creation of vast, intricate and dazzling cityscapes within which are tales of espionage, secrecy, hope and loneliness. Self-identity and messages of social justice have always played a powerful role within Thomas’ works.


I wanted the pieces of the chess set to reflect the shading and urban language of my paintings. Each chess piece represents a miniature building, constructed from blocks of colour. The bold colours and sharp edges clearly communicates my interest in Modernism. They are also designed so that each position on the chess board reveals different glimpses of form and colour, just as we may see in a city as we walk amongst its buildings.

Thomas Dowdeswell The American Series Climate Chnage Blues, Sorrow and Loss and hand painted chess pieces
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