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Daniela Raytchev

Daniela Raytchev 'OK By Myself' (2015) and hand made chess set 'Glass Ceiling'

Daniela Raytchev is Slovakian/ Bulgarian contemporary artist currently residing in London, United Kingdom.

Raytchev’s personal experience and observation of human psyche have been a continuous source of inspiration for her work.  Her paintings and sculpture are bold, at times ironic and feminine yet feminist. Raychev’s work depicts conflicts within, enquires about social stigmas, especially with regards to mental health and equal rights, and promotes honesty and positive message that change is possible. Raytchev invites the public to participate, either via interviewing her subjects or via creating multi media artworks.
Having studied at the world’s most prestigious art and design collages Central St. Martins College of Art and Design and London College of Fashion, Raytchev’s creative talents are not restricted to one type of media.
Raytchev’s work has been getting international attention. Raytchev has participated in various group shows and science conferences around the world (UK, US, Russia). In 2015 during Frieze Art Fair, she held a successful solo exhibition in London’s Notting Hill. Raytchev has been mentioned in numerous national and international press such as the Times, News Week US, Dazed Digital, Huffington Post, Bullet Media as well as appearing and being interviewed on Slovak and Czech National Radios, Women in Trade Magazine and other publications.
Amongst the supporters of Raychev’s work, who also participated in her projects are several British celebrities and high profile individuals, TV presenter and designer Gok Wan, actress and TV presenter Gail Porter, entrepreneur Shaa Wasmund MBA, writer and life coach Mel Wells to name a few.
In 2015/2016 Raytchev received the Selected Artist Award for Beat charity, that helps people affected by eating disorders. She has also established closer working relationship and supports NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) in the US.

‘A glass ceiling is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that keeps a given demographic (typically applied to minorities) from rising beyond a certain level in a hierarchy.’

Raychev’s ‘Glass Ceiling’ art chess installation is a commentary on the recent turbulent climate regarding exposure of sexual assaults, inequalities and suppression still so predominant, especially at the work place. Raychev’s personal experience sparked the inspiration for this art piece that she can so closely relate to. The ‘Glass Ceiling’ installation is a metaphor for women breaking through the social barriers and limitation, as well as a celebration of new feminist movements such as #metoo and #timesup. ‘Glass Ceiling’ shows that the passion and spirit for change is in its glory. It also acknowledges that a lot of blood had to be spilled to get to this stage. It reflects on the fragility of human nature, rawness of the subject and the brutal reality of what one is talking about.

The piece consists of a broken glass chess board with the chess pieces floating through/ above the board. Pink pieces represent women, and face the white spiked pieces- referencing white supremacy. The chess pieces are set according to 2012 Magnus Carlsen vs Judith Polgar game. Polgar is a chess grandmaster, generally considered the strongest female chess player of all time. The game is set in the 30th move that determined Polgar’s victory.

Daniela Raytchev hand made chess set 'Metropolis'
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