Daniela Raytchev x Purling London Art Chess exhibited at Saatchi Gallery

A Purling London Art Chess set at Saatchi Gallery! We were delighted to announce that artist, Daniela Raytchev was selected for the prestigious ‘Start Art Fair’ at the Saatchi Gallery in September and included her one-off Purling London Art Chess set “Metropolis II”.  This was the fifth annual Start Art Fair, which was founded as a means of supporting and showcasing emerging artists.

Raytchev’s “Metropolis II” was inspired by America’s recent controversial withdrawal from Paris agreement. Raytchev chose climate change to be the theme of this latest collaboration with Purling.

The use of bubble wrap in the chess board speaks of the fragility of the world, the white and blue-marbled pieces represents the beauty of nature and the dark metallic colours points to the industrial and its destructive impact on the planet. Find out more about Daniela Raytchev and her Purling London Art Chess sets HERE.

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