Bespoke metal plaque
Bespoke plaque with private label logo

Private Label Games & Promotional Gifts

The Purling London team has the skills, contacts and keen eye for detail to design and deliver your private label games products and promotional gifts. As well as supplying two top luxury brands with private label products, we’ve been consulted by numerous brands and agencies, in order to design and supply custom games of both mass market and luxury price levels. Purling provides:-

Our team has the knowledge, discretion and capability to deliver your complete private label game and packaging.  Our offering includes:

  • Design – End-to-end product and packaging design. Our collective team includes contemporary artists, graphic designers and engineers.
  • Playing Cards – the finest quality on the market, with gold/silver gilt edges, assembled in England with our Purling patented shoulder boxes.
  • Wooden games – lathe machined, hand-carved or CNC router machined playing pieces. Game boards finished with wood veneer, hand-painted by our artists, screen printed, high gloss lacquered or volume printed with custom graphic design. We can offer a variety of wooden board games including; chess, backgammon and checkers.
  • Alabaster games – the finest quality Italian alabaster in many colours, automated lathe carved with template jig, or hand-carved playing pieces. Beautiful polished finishes for gaming boards.
  • Packaging – beautiful quality card packaging with thousands of coating options, artwork via hot foil stamping or printing, cut foam inserts fitted accurately to the product.
  • Italian leather – game pieces and boards finished with your logo in 18 carat gold or silver on bespoke coloured Nappa leather.
  • Customised metal plaques – include a personalised message or dedication
  • Poker chips – ‘ceramic’ tokens of casino quality, full colour printed for promotional gifting and poker sets.
Bespoke Red felt on black pawn
Branded bespoke Nappa Leather felt

Over the years we’ve built strong contacts with the finest manufacturers in the world and we work closely with over 30 artists and designers. So, whether you looking for the best gold-gilded playing cards, bespoke hand-carved alabaster playing pieces with branded Nappa leather, or volume printed Street art -inspired gaming boards, Purling is able to help you fulfil your wishes.

We’re experienced in handling large orders for international pallet distribution, as well as limited edition promotional runs. We’re knowledgeable in global procurement and import/export complexities. We’re happy to work with you as art and design consultants and are able to offer advice and inspiration in order to help realise your vision.

Please get in touch via our Contact Form to discuss your wishes with one of the Purling London team. We look forward to working with you.

Bespoke Nappa leather felt
Bespoke Nappa leather felt
marquetry chess board being created
Custom veneer on hand-crafted games board
Customised plaques with any text and graphic on brushed steel
playing cards packaging
Bespoke packaging for Playing Cards with bespoke branded ribbon
Preparing a private label playing card order for shipping
Bespoke playing cards twin deck
Bespoke Playing Cards (logo hidden for confidentiality)
gold-gilded playing cards
Gold-gilded playing cards
Customised plaques with text and graphic on classic brass
Private Label games gilded playing cards with a box
Private Label games gilded playing cards (logo hidden for confidentiality)
Bespoke Bold Chess metallics and neutral tones for interior designs
Bespoke Bold Chess can be made to your choice of colours
Bespoke Bold Chess metallics and bright tones for interior designs
Bespoke Bold Chess in a variety of custom colours
Bespoke playing cards
Bespoke Playing Cards for an international brand (logo hidden for confidentiality)
alabaster chess pieces in production
Solid alabaster Stone Chess in production
Stone Chess Red v Black
Stone Chess in Red v Black
private label order ready for shipment
Private label Playing Card order ready for shipment

playing cards with gilding
Silver gilded Playing Cards in Purling proprietary packaging
Nappa leather gold stamping
18 carat gold and silver logo stamping on Nappa leather
Bergdorf Goodman Playing Cards
Bergdorf Goodman x Purling London Playing Cards