Millionaire Chess 2015 Trophy by Purling London X Nette Robinson

Purling London and artist, Nette Robinson were commissioned to produce this year’s Millionaire Chess champion trophy. Millionaire Chess is committed to revolutionizing the conventional models of chess tournaments globally. By holding high stakes tournaments in destination capitals, they intend to encourage players of all ages and skill levels to play, study and enjoy the game they love. With a total of $1,000,000 in prizes, Millionaire Chess Open tournament is the highest-stakes open chess tournament in history. This year, the tournament will take place again in Las Vegas, USA from 8-12th of October. The grand champion of Millionaire Chess Open 2015 will receive a very special prize from Purling London: ‘Millionaire Chess 2015 Trophy by Purling London X Nette Robinson’. Hand-painted by London based artist Nette Robinson, this exquisite trophy will surely make the championship the most memorable one. For more information, please visit Millionaire Chess’s official website: and Nette Robinson’s website:

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