Luxury chess

Bold Chess – colourful luxury chess

Purling London’s ‘Bold’ luxury chess sets unite classic with contemporary, incorporating vibrant hand-carved Staunton pieces with a premium Maple wood board.  Our deluxe hardwood pieces are finished with a deep, glossy lacquer and branded leather felt – and included four queens per set for effortless pawn promotion.  Presented with a Purling London certificate and elegant packaging, each Bold Chess is a timeless beauty to be treasured.


  • 34 hand-carved boxwood, triple-weighted luxury chess pieces, 10.2cm
  • Hand-lacquered in contemporary colours
  • Assembled and quality checked at our studios in London, England
  • Includes 2 Queens per side for effortless pawn promotion
  • Purling London branded leather felts
  • Choice of chess board:
    • Natural Maple wood board, 2kg, 45x45cm
    • Grey-stained Maple wood board, 2kg, 45x45cm
    • Premium Black Anegre and Bird’s-eye Maple board, 3kg, 55cmx55cm
  • Luxury packaging & certificate

Bespoke Bold Chess

We regularly create luxury chess sets in bespoke colours to compliment our client’s interior design, their company’s brand or even the paint of their supercar. Other customers wish to celebrate a personal memory, theme or their sports team’s jersey. We would be delighted to create a unique set for you and can precisely match Pantone, RAL and metallic shades.

We offer regular 4 inch bespoke Bold Chess sets, for a 45cm board; and also smaller 3 inch models – which fit on a 36cm board. Lead time is typically 4-8 weeks. Please enquire via our contact form below and Simon and Colm will revert back shortly to assist you.

“I questioned why many luxury chess sets are brown varnished wood – it seemed a missed opportunity to co-ordinate them with modern interiors with options of both bright and muted gloss lacquered colours. Bold Chess are traditional Staunton with a Purling London twist.”

Simon Purkis, Founder and Director, Purling London

grey and white chess set in a luxurious interior

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