How a Luxury Chess Set Makes the Perfect Corporate Present

Finding the perfect corporate gift is hard. It’s even harder when you’re searching for the highest quality products married with the elegance, practicality and timelessness one would come to expect with such a gift. If you too, are experiencing a dilemma in regards to the dizzying array of choice before you, then look no further than Purling London’s luxury chess sets. At Purling London we help you to create your unique bespoke chess set, guiding you through the process from conception to production with confidence, thanks to years of hands on experience with our clients. Incorporating company logos, colours and other branding details is a natural part of the process, allowing us to work with and advise you to ensure your company’s full potential and to create the ultimate corporate chess set.

Beautiful luxury chess sets make wonderful gifts.  They have the benefit of being something which can be functional as well as being something which can simply be enjoyed as a piece of art or as an exquisite centrepiece.  Throughout the centuries, beautiful and luxurious hand-crafted chess sets have been gifted to individuals of importance to be displayed for all to see and admire.  Even today, luxury chess sets are still regarded by many as status symbols.  Indeed, deluxe chess sets are still utilised as features in many interiors with high-end designers often incorporating them into their opulent room designs.  Purling has created many bespoke chess sets for clients, including artist-painted sets reflecting the colours of a company’s branding, stunning illuminated “Dark Chess” sets including company logos and specially sourced paint.  They have been given as retirement gifts, have marked special celebrations and events, including the launch of a company’s re-branding.

Chess is regarded as one of the world’s most intellectually challenging games. Images relating to chess have long been adopted by companies who wish to reflect in their branding the sophistication and intellectual nature of their businesses.  Gifting stylish luxury chess sets can be a splendid way of celebrating your company’s ambitions and achievements.

There are many chess sets available, but few can boast the quality, stylishness and playability of a Purling London luxury chess set.  We believe that the quintessential chess set is one which is both beautiful and functional. The triple-weighted pieces for all of our chess sets are hand-carved in a traditional Staunton design.  Our pieces are then either lacquered in rich, glossy colours or are individually hand-painted by specially commissioned contemporary artists such as Sophie Matisse, Kate Brinkworth and Inkie.

For more information about our Bespoke Chess sets please do not hesitate to contact us via the email form below.  We are very happy to discuss options and answer any questions you may have in regards to our Bespoke luxury games services.

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