Lhouette (aka Ciaran Robinson)’s career as an artist has so far, taken him to London’s Park Lane, via Brixton and the Houses of Parliament. His first inspiration was East London’s street art scene, where he appreciated the culture as an outsider, and was irrevocably drawn to the self-taught art form. Ciaran joined the Royal Navy at age 17, experiencing a career that took him to the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Europe for six-month tours. On his return from seeing the world, it was now time for the artist to follow his own compass. Elements of his early techniques can still be seen among the more polished artwork from the studio, through the use of raw materials such as forklift pallets, and other industrial throw-offs. The striking binary between old and new, the raw and the refined, is the major juxtaposition inherent in the work of Ciaran Robinson, now working as Lhouette. His techniques too, originated from self-taught practice.

“I started with a mixed box of old mechanic aerosol paints and scrap sheets of salvaged wooden board. Along with a moody scanner/printer I’d acquired for creating stencils and transfers, I unknowingly at the time, was venturing into pop art realms … the work was beautifully raw!”


Lhouette Art – Behind the Scenes
BBC interview with Lhouette

Lhouette strives to retain the raw essence while continuing to develop his practice. Making time to give back to the community is also important to him. Although he has enjoyed a number of sell-out exhibitions within commercial, contemporary galleries, he still looks to encourage the younger generation to express themselves through art. His collaborative project with Brixton’s Angell Town Estate in 2016 garnered significant attention from the media and a bespoke piece was hung outside Brixton’s Angell Town School in celebration of the successful project. In 2017, Lhouette was selected by the art committee of 45 Park Lane, which includes such luminaries as Sir Peter Blake, to exhibit his Post Urban Glamour collection. As one of London’s foremost Hotel art venues, 45 Park Lane, is part of The Dorchester Collection. Intricately intertwining lowbrow pop culture iconography and mixed media into a body of work, the collection garnered interest from celebrities, the media and international collectors such as Hollywood star Antonio Banderas, the Khayami Family, the Dorchester Collection, Ronan and Storm Keating, and the world’s foremost designer of Formula One, engineering genius Adrian Newey OBE.

“I’ve always liked working with interesting items and materials so the chance to design a chess set really appealed to me in terms of how I can relay my style and ideas into a functioning board, duality of an item is exciting for me or if a canvas had a previous use (many of my canvases are industrial through outs) so the premise of the board is that it can either sit as a painting on the wall and be taking off and used as a chess set or vice versa. In terms of the look and content I wanted it to scream attention through my usual raw and refined contrasting and pop Maximalism.”


For more information about Lhouette visit: www.lhouette.com

distressed gold chess pieces
Art Chess by Lhouette ‘More or Less’

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Strike Opposed by Lhouette (extract)
Strike Opposed‘ by Lhouette (extract)
Lhouette maximalist art at work in his studio
Lhouette at work in his studio