James Bond “Spectre” features vintage chess set

James Bond ‘Spectre’ film footage with a chess set

spectre-Mr White-playing-chess
‘Spectre’ film footage with a vintage chess set

In October 2015, the much talked about James Bond film featuring Daniel Craig, ‘Spectre’ hit the UK cinemas and we discovered that it like several of the past 007 films, there was a reference to the game of chess.

There’s a history of chess appearing in the iconic James Bond series, including the famous scene in ‘From Russia With Love’, in which Bond villain Kronsteen is seen defeating his opponent in a chess match in Venice.

In the film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, Bond first encounters his future father-in-law playing chess in his richly furnished study.

Two men on a British nuclear submarine, who are taking a tea break, are engaged in a casual game, as the vessel is intercepted and taken hostage by megalomaniac Karl Stromberg in the film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me‘.

In the opening sequence in the unofficial Bond film, ‘Never Say Never Again’, Bond is seen interrupting two men, sat over a board, engrossed in a game.

During a mission in the pre-credit scene of ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, Bond and his colleagues are using code names with chess references, such as “black king”, “white bishop” and “white knight” – the code name for Bond.

From one of the earliest Bond films to one of the latest, chess is still being referenced. During a pivotal scene in ‘Spectre’, a wooden vintage chess set is prominently placed on a table and poses as both a barrier and a bridge between Bond and Mr White of the criminal organisation Spectre. You can read more about the movie, ‘Spectre’, HERE.

Purling London’s Heritage Chess Premium is a very similar Staunton Ebony & Boxwood set to that used in the film. It includes a Black Anegre & Birds Eye Maple board to complete the James Bond look. CLICK HERE to view Heritage Chess Premium.

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