International Master Vitaly Neimer Talks to Daniela Raytchev about her artwork for Purling London

We are delighted that Purling London artist Daniela Raytchev was interviewed for a “Masters of the Arts” broadcast.  International Master and two time Israeli National Champion Vitaly Neimer interviewed Daniela – one of the artists featured in our solo exhibition “Painted Pieces: Art Chess from Purling London” at the World Chess Hall of Fame.

You can watch the interview above to learn about her artistic journey, her inspiration to create and how she used art and chess as a way of communicating her thoughts about feminism.

Daniela Ratchev is a Slovakian/Bulgarian international contemporary artist.  Her chess set in “Painted Pieces” was “Glass Ceiling” and was specially created for the exhibition.

Masters of the Arts IM Vitaly Neimer Talks to Daniela Raytchev about her Glass Ceiling Chess Set

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