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Imaginative, Artistic, Luxury Chess sets from Purling London

Imaginative, artistic luxury chess sets from Purling London Caio Locke Endgame

Imaginative, Artistic, Luxury Chess sets from Purling London

Throughout history countless of beautiful chess sets have been created to be admired and played on.  At Purling London we are proud to offer a wide spectrum of stunning one-off designs by contemporary artists, some of which have been exhibited in the UK and abroad, some of which have been specially commissioned by clients for bespoke orders.  We would like to share with you just a brief glimpse of some of the imaginative and beautiful luxurious chess sets we have on offer at Purling London.


Alla Popova “Untitled”

This ingenious chess set is like no other.  With her design, Alla Popova intended to create the effect of two intimidating opposing armies.  As the enemies look across the board, they see ranks of strong, fearless and determined enemy forces with their bold solid black and gold bodies and details. Each faceless pawn stares at the opposition, showing no sign of weakness or emotion.  It is as if there is a face-off occurring between the opposing pawns before they lead the charge into battle.  However, if you look behind the seemingly imposing armies, you will discover a different perspective.  Each piece betrays its façade of iron-strength by revealing a mass of swirling lines and shapes, representing the turmoil of wild emotions and fear.  The chaotic whirls of colour can also be seen as the billowing cloaks of soldiers and knights of the Mediaeval battlefield.


Caio Locke: “Endgame”

Caio Locke’s “Endgame” is a truly stunning chess set, which is inspired by urban architecture.  His meticulously executed chess board appears to plunge downwards as if we are looking down through a fantastical cylindrical structure, such as one might see in Star Wars films.  At the foot of this amazing inverted tower, is a segmented view of both a dark star-filled sky and a bright blue firmament, lined with soft white clouds.  When viewed from a bird’e eye position, the awesome and hypnotic board seems to exude three dimensional space.  For a split second, one almost fears that the pieces will tumble down into the vertical drop.

In the same way as the chess board, each piece is painted with Caio Locke’s characteristic precision.  Minute horizontal bands, stipples and geometric shapes, also allude to urban architecture and unify each chess piece to the extraordinary hand-painted board.


Darren MacPherson “Lilac v Brown”

This delectable chess set by artist Darren MacPherson is a feast for the eyes.  Using a mix of spray paint and paint splashes, the artist has created a unique set that would grace any interior with an unashamed accent of colour.  One side of the set has been painted in the richest, glossiest, most chocolate-like brown I have seen. These pieces set off the energetic, Jackson Pollock-esque paint splashes in vivid purple, aqua marine and creamy yellow.  Dynamic paint splashes of oranges, reds and chocolate adorn the lilac pieces, completing this superb and unique set.


For anyone looking for beautiful, unusual and collectable luxury chess sets, Purling London is the place to go.

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