Hector Sandoval is a visual artist originally from Mexico City, who is currently living in London. He graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana with a Degree in Graphic Design. He dedicated the first part of his career to graphic design, print, advertising and marketing. He worked extensively in display, retail, visual merchandising, and subsequently interior design, and creating themes for amusement parks across Mexico and the United States.

For several years Hector Sandoval worked in American Television “Univision” as set designer with significant contributions to various top TV show productions. He has a passion for visual arts and is involved in artistic workshops in Mexico and the UK.

In his paintings, Hector Sandoval finds a passion for colour and balance, technique and creativity. His work has assertiveness and reflects figures in enigmatic ways.  Hector has had the honour of having the opportunity to exhibit his work in numerous countries such as the UK, Spain and Germany.

Hector Sandoval

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Hector Sandaval Sould Mate (extract) Knowledge (extract)