Harrods ‘Christmas Theatre’: Live painting of Purling Art Chess

Purling London Art Games sign at Harrods

Harrods is entertaining customers with a number of ‘Christmas Theatre’ events in store during the festive shopping season. As part of this, we are pleased to announce that Purling London artists, Nette Robinson and Leonardo Frigo will be live painting Art Chess sets and Ornaments on two dates in the ‘Luxury Games’ department. Please join us to watch and ask questions!:-

  • Saturday 30th November 2019, 12pm to 5pm, Nette Robinson
  • Saturday 7th December 2019, 11am to 6pm, Leonardo Frigo

Luxury Games, 2nd Floor,
87-135 Brompton Road,
Tel: +44 (0)20 7225 6800

Nette Robinson is a chess player, professional jazz singer and artist. Modernist movements such as Constructivism, Futurism and De Stijl have been hugely influential throughout her artistic development. She has exhibited her Purling chess artworks at Christie’s London and the World Chess Hall of Fame, USA.

Leonardo Frigo is an Italian artist and violinist who takes inspiration from historical literature to create intricate hand-illustrations in fountain pen with hand-made ink. He was recently featured by Instagram’s official account and exhibited his works at The Royal Institution.

Nette Robinson x Purling London Art Chess ‘Copper Peacock’, available HERE
Harrods Live Painting of an Art Chess set with Nette Robinson and Leonardo Frigo
Artists Nette Robinson & Leonardo Frigo at Harrods
hand carved Staunton chess rook illustrated by Leonardo Frigo
Leonardo Frigo x Purling Art Chess, available HERE
live painting in Harrods black, white and gold chess board in progress
Nette Robinson’s gold, black and white chess board in progress at Live Painting at Harrods
Leonardo Frigo with his Purling London Art Chess set at Harrods, Luxury Games Department
Leonardo Frigo with his Purling London Art Chess set at Harrods, Luxury Games Department
Live painting of a chess set at Harrods
Live painting at Harrods, Luxury Games Department with Nette Robinson
Harrods Live Painting of a Purling Art Chess set with Nette Robinson
Nette Robinson painting at Harrods
Nette Robinson hand-painting a chess knight in Qatar colours
Nette Robinson hand-painting a Purling knight in Qatar Flag colours
Harrods Luxury Games department chess sets
Harrods Luxury Games department
Nette Robinson and Simon Purkis at Harrods Live Painting at the Luxury Games Department

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