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Hand-Crafted Electric Guitars With an Artistic Twist

"What a Tangled Web We Weave" by Daniel Brusatin X Marlow Art Guitars

Hand-Crafted Electric Guitars With an Artistic Twist

Marlow Art Guitars is the creation of Steven Marlow – the London-based high-end guitar craftsman and supplier.  Marlow Art Guitars has commissioned contemporary artists, in both the UK and abroad, to add their own touch to the individually hand-made electric guitars.

Introducing “Cochleas” by Samuel Gomez.  This awe-inspiring design was created by Gomez using ink and graphite.  It features some characteristic images which are a mix of mechanical, organic, urban, futuristic elements.

For something completely different, “Shine Like a Guitar” by George Morton Clark, is dazzling and humorous with its silver glitter, pink paint and Disney cartoon-style hands wrapped around the body.

Street artist Pure Evil uses collage in his work, such as for his striking design “Sex and Moderate Violence – the Sequel”  which includes images of beautiful women, thick grey smoke from an explosion over an island set against a vivid yellow sky.


“What a Tangled Web We Weave” by Colombian-Italian contemporary artist Daniel Brusatin is an extraordinary design in Indian Ink, which incorporates intricately drawn geometric designs based on flowers and basket weave.  The reverse of the guitar features a tangle of flowering tendrils.


Multi-disciplinary artist Hayden Kays’ abstract design “Broken G String”, features a meticulous hand-painted stippled design onto a base of custom-made Alder blue body paint.


“Orpheus” was painted in acrylic by internationally exhibiting Bristish artist Fred Mann and is both striking and bold with its limited colour palette, stark tonal contrast and dynamic lines.


Click here to see our full collection of Marlow Art Guitars.

To find out more or to place an order, contact us via our Contact Form below.

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