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Games Room Decorations – 5 Examples That Will Rock Your Room

King of Hearts by Elmo Hood

Games Room Decorations – 5 Examples That Will Rock Your Room

Without a doubt, enjoying a board game, or other indoor pursuit in a beautiful or stylish interior only adds to the experience. From Famous, historic chess clubs such as the Marshall Chess Club in New York, to hip board game bars and cafes such as Loading, East London, the art and décor of these venues and games rooms can enhance the atmosphere and make for a memorable gaming experience.

We believe that playing a game, isn’t just about the game itself but about the whole experience. That is why at Purling London we have been collaborating with artists and designers to give our games an artistic touch and providing opportunities for people to play our stunning games, such as our illuminated chess, backgammon and silver-gilt playing cards at our pop-up board games events in bars, lounges and clubs across the capital.

Purling now offers “Games Room” products to decorate your home or venue and provide a touch of style. Be inspired by our choice of five fabulous and stylish games room art and accessories.

1. “Rocco Melons” Mirror by Form + Beyond

We love this beautiful hand-made limited edition mirror by the independent London-based company Form + Beyond, hand-painted with classic slot machine graphics. Individually and meticulously made by master craftsman Brett, This exquisite mirror will add a touch of style to your interior. Other casino-inspired graphic mirrors are available from Form + Beyond including “Classic Cherries”, “Classic Lemons” and “Sevens”. Form + Beyond mirrors are made in different sizes to suit all spaces. See our Shop to purchase.
For more about Form + Beyond visit:

2. “Coke, Jelly Beans & Lifesavers” Limited Edition Print by Kate Brinkworth

Kate Brinkworth is an exceptional contemporary British artist who specialises in larger than life photo-realist images of the iconic, the alluring and the mass produced. Her work is truly heading-turning with its intense vivid hue or tone and flawless execution of her oil paints. We are proud to be able to offer to clients limited edition prints of two of her paintings, including the stunning “Coke, Jelly Beans & Lifesavers”. We think Kate’s luminous prints would be the perfect edition to your games room. Visit our Shop to purchase.
For more information about Kate Brinkworth visit:

3. “King of Clubs” Limited Edition Print by Olivia Pilling

How about a signed limited print of an original work by British artist Olivia Pilling? The “King of Clubs” is one of several playing card-inspired collages by Olivia Pilling. We love her off-beat unique twist on the classic playing card design. A stylish edition for any card game-lover. Purling is delighted to offer Olivia’s gorgeous hand-signed prints in our Shop.
For more information about Olivia Pilling visit:

4. “King of Hearts” Limited Edition Print by Elmo Hood

For quirky and original art work inspired by playing cards, look no further than internationally renowned contemporary artist Elmo Hood. He has created an innovative series of works using playing cards that tell a tale of love, heartbreak and betrayal. We simply adore his piece “King of Hearts”. Limited edition prints of some of his playing card works are still available, but be quick as they are highly popular and sought-after pieces!
For more information about Elmo Hood visit:

5. “Alekhine vs. Biscay, Berman & Duchamp, Paris, 1935” by Tom Hackney

Highly acclaimed and internationally exhibiting artist Tom Hackney has used chess as the inspiration for many works. He has created a series of artworks inspired by Marcel Duchamp who was an early twentieth century French artist and avid chess player. This pristine and striking painting is one of this series which has been exhibited at, amongst others, the renowned St Louis Chess Hall of Fame.
For more information about Tom Hackney visit:


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