Games Room Decoration – Our Top Ideas

Games Room Decorations - Our Top Ideas

Have you noticed how many bars and pubs are now offering board games to their customers whilst they enjoy a drink and that there are more and more specialised games cafes and clubs opening their doors in towns and cities across the country?  There is something appealing about classic indoor games with their tactile pieces played around a table with friends in a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Games and games room cafes are certainly emerging as the hip places to go and hang out.  Purling London has been in on the board game renaissance and has been offering pop-up games events in clubs across London.  Of course, it’s not just the games themselves, but the games room decoration that really makes for an inviting place and for many memorable evenings.

We love that so many works of art today and over the centuries have been inspired by games. At our pop-up games events we like to enhance the atmosphere by adorning the space with beautiful games room art, including stunning hand-crafted mirrors by Form + Beyond with hand-painted slot-machine graphics and prints of Olivia Pilling’s unique playing card collages.  Purling London has a fine selection of fabulous art – perfect for your home, bar or games room.

Games Room Decorations - Our Top Ideas
  1. “Black Cherries” Mirror by Form + Beyond (32 in x 32 in / 80cm x 80cm­)  

“Black Cherries” is an incredible and head-turning mirror with bold graphics hand-painted onto the reverse enclosed by a hand-made two-toned natural and smoked oak shellac and beeswax burnished frame with hand-cut & applied diamond graphic, patterned lining to frame interior.  Give your games room a feeling of greater space and reflect the buzz of the evening in the silvered mirror surface.

2. “Classic Cherries” Mirror by Form + Beyond  (17in x 17in / 43cm  x 43cm)

If you don’t have a large area of wall space, why not opt for Form + Beyond’s more modestly-proportioned, but equally striking mirror, “Classic Cherries”.  The interior of the frame also boasts a hand-cut and applied graphic, which for this piece is an alternating pattern of diagonal stripes.  This limited edition mirror is bold and beautiful and would complement a games room, especially one which includes playing cards and retro furit machines

3. “Doughnut Pool Table” by Cléon Daniel

No games room should be without this stunning piece of art and craftsmanship in the form of one of celebrated designer Cléon Daniel’s ingenius pool tables.  This “Doughnut Pool Table” is a masterful work of art which, as well as being a superlative centrepiece, can also be enjoyed as a fully functional pool table.  Cléon Daniel’s “Doughnut Pool Table” is hand-crafted from solid ash and features a professional quality slate bed covered with a 100% pure wool cloth.  The pool balls, resembling the sprinkles on the doughnut’s pink “frosting” complete the look of this extraordinary piece. In terms of games room decorations and furnishings, the “Doughnut Pool Table” will undoubtedly steal the show.

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