A Game To Play with Your Turn Token

Sometimes the simplest games can be the most entertaining.  Games which involve little in the way of equipment can be easy to organise and can happen spontaneously at home, work or out with friends.  Some games, such as chess and backgammon, require great thinking skills and concentration in order to outwit ones’s opponent.  We love those games and enjoy embracing the skill and mental challenges involved. However, sometimes we all just want to relax and come together with friends and play something simple and entertaining.  This is where your Purling London Turn Token can come into play!


When we said “simple”, we weren’t necessarily speaking of the successful execution of the game itself, but rather the simplicity of equipment required!  All you need for some fun is your Turn Token, or failing that a two-pence piece, and a table with a smooth surface. Read on for a suggested game.



This is a fun game for two players at a time.

Before you kick off, why not flip your Turn Token to decide who goes first?


Each player starts on opposite sides of your table.

Whoever won the toss starts with the Turn Token at the edge of the table in front and tries to move it across the table so that it ends up hanging off the edge on the opposite side by either flicking it or pushing it, using a maximum of 3 “strikes.”


If after 3 flicks or pushes the Token lands on the floor (definitely where mine will be ending up) or doesn’t overhang, the turn goes to player 2.

However, if player 1 skilfully and successfully manoeuvres the Token to the desired position, he or she gets a chance to score a try and win 5 points.

To score a try, player 1 comes round to the other side of the table and using 1 finger or thumb, flips the Turn Token in the air and catches it in either one or both hands.

Now player 1 gets to go for a conversion. This involves spinning the Token on the table and trying to catch it between both thumbs. Player 2 forms a goal post by placing both elbows on the table with hands pointing upwards and thumbs touching to create the crossbeam.  Now comes the tricky bit!  Player 1, keeping hold of the Token between his or her thumbs, must try to score by throwing it through the goal.  A successful goal scores another 2 points.  Even if the Token didn’t make it through the goal, it’s time for the next player to take a turn…

Enjoy and watch this space for more games to enjoy with your Purling London Turn Token…

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