Born in Sicily, Francesco Jacobello grew up surrounded by historical Italian art. His work has a classical background with a modern feel, created in black biro, pencil, pastel, gold, silver and copper leaf, pen and ink and water colour.  Often referencing cultural icons in psychedelic space, on paper or objects such as guitars. 

For the past twenty years Francesco has been based in London and exhibiting across Europe, including his solo retrospective “AWAKENING” in Hull, Yorkshire April-May 2019. Much of his work is held in private collections around the world.

He has several beautiful chess sets and a backgammon set for Purling London, using his characteristic motifs of leaves and tendrills, often created from individually and meticulously hand-cut copper leaf.  This one-off backgammon set, entitled ‘Autumn Rain’ is one such set.  It was inspired by the rusty copper colour of leaves in Autumn and the gentleness of the first rain of the season.

My design was influenced by my series of autumn-inspired drawings. The design demonstrates the continuous seasonal changes of nature. The golden leaves announce the end of summer and prepare life for the big sleep of winter. Each leaf was drawn in paper, painted with golden metallic ink and applied onto the chess pieces, giving every single one of them a uniqueness of a small and classic work of art.

Francesco Jacobello

Art Chess by Francesco Jacobello ‘Winter
Francesco Jacobello hand painted chess set 'Autunno' Black side
Art Chess by Francesco Jacobello ‘Autunno’

For more information about Francesco Jacobello visit: Francesco Jacobello

Video – Francesco Jacobello working
Art Chess by Francesco Jacobello Golden Leaves
Art Chess by Francesco Jacobello ‘Golden Leaves’
Art Chess by Francesco Jacobello Silver Leaves
Art Chess by Francesco Jacobello ‘Silver Leaves
Meet the artist – Francesco Jacobello by DR Films
white chess set with hand cut flower accents on matching chess board by Francesco Jacobello
Art Chess by Francesco Jacobello ‘Winter
painted Backgammon set with copper leaf designs
Art Backgammon by Francesco Jacobello Autumn Rain
Francesco Jacobello retrospective exhibiton AWAKENING publicity
AWAKENING solo retrospective of Francesco Jacobello

We are delighted to be able to offer a bespoke service for our Art games. If you would like to enquire further about commissioning Francesco Jacobello to create a unique hand-painted Art Chess, Backgammon or Checkers set specially for you, please get in touch via our Contact Form below.

Francesco Jacobello Blowng in the Wind
Francesco Jacobello ‘Blowng in the Wind’ (extract)
yellow, purple and gold decorated chess pieces
Art Chess by Francesco Jacobello ‘Summer in progress