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Darren John

Darren John with his artwork on a container and hand painted chess set

Darren John is a London-based studio and street-artist known for his bold, visceral paintings that explore and celebrate the untamed creative spirit. John’s work embraces the bright colours and forms of childhood creativity – vibrant imagery that is universally recognisable and impossible to ignore.

For his first collaborations with Purling London, Darren John has produced both a Chess Set and a Backgammon set following from two works from his ‘Parallax 2.0’ series of works from late 2017. These particular games feature compositions made from a close crop from a previous painting, allowing for perfect harmony between the artwork’s forms and the set’s function. The work has been applied utilising brush and sea sponge, and is consciously finished with a combination of both sharp and textural edges.


We are delighted to be able to offer a bespoke service for our Art games. If you would like to enquire further about commissioning Darren John to create a unique hand-painted Art Chess, Backgammon, Checkers or Chutes/Snakes & Ladders set specially for you, please get in touch via our Contact Form below.

Luxury Backgammon Sets by Darren John
Darren John ‘Parallax 2.0’ paintings (2017) and chess board based on the series


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