people looking at hand made chess set at the Saatchi Gallery London
Art Chess by Daniela Raytchev x Purling London ‘Metropolis II’ at the Saatchi Gallery

Daniela Raytchev’s thought-provoking and beautiful ‘Metropolis II’ Purling Art Chess set was exhibited at London’s famous Saatchi Gallery. Raytchev was selected for the prestigious Start Art Fair at the gallery in September 2018 for her work around the themes of environmental conservation, addiction and feminism.

Metropolis II is inspired by America’s recent controversial withdrawal from the Paris agreement, which magnified the scale of denial about the reality and dangers of the climate change.

Raytchev poses the question as to whether the challenge of climate change can be seen as an opportunity to demand and build a better world?  Climate change has consequences not only on the natural world and its weather patterns, including  severe droughts, wildfires, floods and lack of water, affecting food supplies and living conditions, but it also poses a threat to the human rights, with particularly devastating consequences for poorer nations and communities already suffering from inequality and racism. Africa is the home of 7 of the ten countries most threatened by climate change. The economic and social effects are enormous.

marble effect and decorated chess pieces

The chess set’s industrial looking gold pieces, which represent human force and capitalism, are in ongoing ‘battle’ with the white spiked pieces with blue marble-like effect, representing the nature and the planet Earth. Raytchev agrees with Naomi Klein in regarding “climate change as a battle between capitalism and the planet”.

Learn more about artist Daniela Raytchev HERE.

Below are two examples of Raytchev’s thought-provoking chess sets. Click on the images to learn more about them.

Raytchev’s work is gaining more of a political and social character. She addresses her ideologies and support for racial, gender and sexual equality as well as for various environmental causes. As with her past mental health-related works, she continues to encourage honesty, equality, and empowerment of those who are less fortunate or discriminated against, through raising awareness of issues about which she feels passionate.

chess set made from resin,beads and bubble wrap
Saatchi Gallery private view event
Daniela Raytchev exhibits her Purling London Chess Set at the Saatchi gallery, London
people at Saatchi Gallery private view
Daniela Raytchev and Simon Purkis at the Saatchi Gallery with “Metropolis II”
Art chess sets by Daniela Raytchev on display at Saatchi gallery Start Art Fair
Art Chess by Daniela Raytchev x Purling London “Metropolis II”