Custom, Unique And Quirky Pool Table Designs

If you love to try out new things and embracing fresh and fun challenges, what better way to do this than to experience playing on one of the amazing, quirky and fantastical pool tables created by none other than celebrated designer, artist and master craftsman Cléon Daniel?  The UK-based designer has so far designed and hand-crafted the unique and quirky “Banana Pool Table” and the equally show-stopping “Doughnut Pool Table” and is continuing to dream up more designs.  He has received much attention and acclaim for his work, appearing on BBC’s “The One Show”, the press in the UK and abroad as well as being selected for the Threadneedle National Art Prize .

Cléon Daniel is no stranger to creating innovative and imaginative designs. And with his superb skills in carpentry and his meticulous attention to detail, he is able to realise these fantastic and quirky pool table design ideas.  Cléon Daniel’s original design for a pool table was his extraordinary “Banana Pool Table”.  Its shape, as you would imagine, resembles, not that of a regular rectangular table, but indeed, that of a large piece of fruit.  Taking it even further away from tradition, its professional slate bed is covered with a vivid yellow 100% wool cloth.  The “Banana Pool Table” can be played on with brown balls, representing the changing surface of the banana skin as it ages.  Try for yourself taking a shot on a table which curves and sends the balls in every direction as they bounce off the eccentric edges.  It has certainly proved to be a winning pool table at events and exhibitions and with clients.

Then we come to Cléon Daniel’s fabulous and delectable “Doughnut Pool Table”.  This unique pool table is a feast for the eye, with its pink “frosting”, yellow and pink “sprinkles”.  In order to represent the doughnut frosting, the “Doughnut Pool Table” features an undulating edge to the playing surface, adding to the challenge and unpredictability of the game.  If you so wish, you can even hop under the table and take your shot from the middle of the doughnut.  All in all, this is most certainly a striking and intriguing pool table, which would prove to be an endless source of amusement.

As we mentioned, Cléon Daniel is continuing to cook up new ideas for his beautifully crafted and quirky pool tables.  And we can’t wait to see them.  He is also willing to take on a commission and make someone else’s dream pool table a reality.  Perhaps there is a design you’re itching to see made-perhaps you’d like a unique custom-made pool table in the shape of a guitar, a map of your country, your favourite ice cream, drink, or maybe incorporating your company’s branding.  Whether it’s something for your home, a bar or corporate space, we guarantee that there is no better place to come for custom, hand-crafted pool tables.  These are pool tables to turn heads and would make for an awesome feature as well as providing hours of entertainment.

For more about Cléon Daniel’s pool tables, visit our SHOP.  For all enquiries about purchasing “Banana Pool Table”, “Doughnut Pool Table” or a bespoke order, please get in touch via our contact form at the foot of the page.

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