Crystal Fischetti working en plein air
Crystal Fischetti working en plein air

Crystal Fischetti is a British artist, currently based in London, who is inspired by light, speed and space. Her interest in literature, culture, physics and philosophy are evident in her work and she invites the audience to enter worlds of colour which shape, move and distort our perception of reality. Crystal Fischetti works on canvas, paper and digital mediums.

Three of her works are at the YueHu Museum, Shanghai. Private collections include: London, New York, Milan, Rome, Geneva and Shanghai. And after having lived and worked there for several years, the main private collectors of her work are based in Los Angeles.

Crystal Fischetti exhibited her ‘Sun & Moon’ Purling London Art Chess set at the World Chess Hall of Fame ‘Ladies’ Knight’ exhibition. She receives commissions for murals from PR and music companies and for community projects across the globe.

The concept for this chess is courtship, love and seduction. Each move the players make is an act of seduction. It is intelligent, calculated, elegant, slightly fearful, heated, cool and overpoweringly sexy. The masculine energy of the Sun is represented in the gold and yellow hues on one side of the chess pieces. The feminine energy of the Moon is represented in the silver and blue hues. The meeting of the opposing pieces symbolises their sensual dance and spiritual union. As it is an interactive art piece. The physical appearance at the end of the game describes the eclipse in abstract form. It is different each time for every player.

Crystal Fischetti

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Crystal Fischetti New Age of Abstract Art Source: American Latino
Backgammon set by Crystal Fischetti featuring abstract mix of blue, green, yellow and pink with black dice
Art Backgammon by Crystal Fischetti close up
Art Chess by Crystal Fischetti ‘Sun & Moon’

Masters of the Arts: GM Akobian interviews artist Crystal Fischetti at the World Chess HOF ‘Ladies’ Knight‘ exhibition
portrait of Crystal Fischetti smiling in front of her artwork
Mural by Crystal Fischetti at Cookhouse, London
Crystal Fischetti hand-painting Purling London Art Backgammon pieces
hand painted backgammon set
Art Backgammon by Crystal Fischetti
colourful chess set in blue and orange
Art Chess by Crystal FischettiSun & Moon

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