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Get Cruising This Summer With Minka Skateboards & Purling London

Minka Skateboards

Get Cruising This Summer With Minka Skateboards & Purling London

As the summer season continues, we love to be able to enjoy the warmer weather, to spend time outside relaxing or taking up a pursuit, such as walking, tennis or cycling.  For those who would like to try or, indeed, already enjoy riding on other kinds of wheels, why not take a look at the stunning cruiser skateboards from Minka Skateboards now available from Purling London?

Minka Skateboards is just one of Purling London’s latest curated brands, which has been specially selected for its craftsmanship, style and quality.  We are delighted that we now have no less than three Minka Skateboards from its “Heritage Cruiser” range available in our Shop.

This high-end French skateboard brand makes nothing but beautiful and exquisitely crafted boards from Canadian Maple, completed with hand-picked trucks, risers, bearings, and wheels.  The Minka Skateboard “Heritage Cruiser” boards are something a little bit special.  They are all limited edition products and are crafted from reconditioned 1970s Californian-style wooden skateboards.  They each have a unique style with intricate laser cut designs on the underside of the deck, complemented by the colour of the truck and wheels.

Minka Skateboards was established in 2016 by two young creators and the company is based between Tours and Paris.  Despite the brand being in its early stages, Minka Skateboards has already been making an impression with its exquisite boards, which fuse the traditional and contemporary.  Minka Skateboards takes inspiration from the textile industry and the designs of their boards include laser-cut embroidered or lace-like patterns, reminiscent of the 19th and 20th century textiles.  In the context of a modern day skateboard, the unexpected designs have a remarkably fresh, quirky and contemporary feel.  And what with the actual decks being crafted from vintage boards from 1970s, there’s yet more depth to be found in these beautiful cruiser skateboards.

So, if you are dreaming of summer days of superior cruising, look no further than the beautiful and crafted Minka Skateboards.

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