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Create your own Bespoke Backgammon Set by Purling London

Create your own Bespoke Backgammon Set by Purling London

At Purling London we are ready to create your very own bespoke, illuminated “Dark Backgammon” set.  All elements can be customised in order to produce for you a beautiful and unique backgammon set.  Our LED lit, “Dark Backgammon” boards are hand-made in England and can incorporate archive quality photography, a print of a favourite painting or photograph and further unique design details.  For example, our glossy wood frame and heavy, chunky backgammon coins can be customised to your choice of colours.

Not only can you enjoy playing this fascinating and ancient game on our beautiful contemporary backgammon set, but also make a statement with a striking show-piece for your home or office.

The possibilities are vast as to what we could create for you and would be the ultimate gift for someone special or to mark a celebration or significant occasion, such as for an anniversary, centenary or Chinese New Year.  Our in-house artists will always be happy to offer you advice and to assist you in finding the perfect design for your unique backgammon set.  Take a look and be inspired by our designs for beautiful and extraordinary backgammon sets, guaranteed to turn heads.


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