Purling London Art Chess solo-exhibition at World Chess HOF
(please excuse Simon’s voice, he was under the weather!)

Purling London illuminated Dark Chess set in Wretch 32 music video

Purling London has always embraced working with others. Since being established in 2012, we have enjoyed collaborating not only with artists and designers,  in order to create beautiful hand-painted and hand-crafted bespoke games, but with venues and companies to provide entertainment for guests and clients. In addition, we have curated contemporary art exhibitions and sculptures; and planned and implemented pop-up displays at design fairs both in the UK and Europe.  Our chess and games have been used in a Virtual Reality video game, advertisements, high-end interiors, fashion shoots and even a Wretch 32 music video.

The video above left is a discussion between Purling founder, Simon Purkis and St. Louis University Art History Professor, Bradley Bailey about the World Chess Hall of Fame’s Purling London solo exhibition, “Painted Pieces”.  Simon and Bradley talk about the motivations and stories behind some of the Art Chess sets at the show; and a little history including their mutual respect for modern art pioneer and chess player, Marcel Duchamp.  The film directly above is the official ‘Liberation’ music video by Wretch 32, which features Wretch playing a Police officer on Purling’s illuminated Dark Chess.

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We have teamed up with famous chess players and talented social media content creators. Recent collaborations include US Chess Champion Nazí Paikidze, International Master Tania Sachdev, International Master Anna Rudolf and Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk.  Follow us on Instagram to see more.

images from Purling London Instagram