Collaboration of Purling London and Social Media Influencer Caroline South

We are delighted to announce Purling London’s collaboration with the talented Social Media Influencer Caroline South.  These beautiful shots of our Silver-Gilt Luxury Playing Cards, our stunning, professional quality 90% Tungsten Bold Darts in Lunar White and our glossy Bold Chess in a custom colour are complemented by Caroline’s meticulous style and eye for colour and design.  We hope you like them as much as we do.

Caroline South is an extraordinarily creative photographer, with her own original style, which incorporates patterns, the juxtaposing of natural and manmade items and which demonstrates her strong sense of colour.  She was originally from the Isle of Wight, and it was there, on this remarkably beautiful island, that she embarked upon an artistic journey and career.  She studied Art and Design and then left for the mainland to study 3DD Ceramics at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design.

Caroline South is an all-round creative individual whose artistic talents encompass painting and drawing, crafting, making or styling and photography. Her work often incorporates natural and found items, such as pottery, plastic and sea glass, that she and her family find from exploring the shores along the South coast.

She has worked with a broad spectrum of brands, including; Tiger, Manolo Blahnik, 20th Century Fox, Air Wick, Daniel Wellington, Shore Watches, Bellabeat, Deliveroo, Propercorn, Belvita, Homesense, Hewlett Packard, Argos amongst others, as well as being featured in publications such as; Makes, Wallpaper, Scrapbook and Couch magazine.  For more about Caroline South, click here.

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