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Cléon Daniel’s “Brilliantly bonkers bespoke pool tables” are turning heads across the globe

Cléon Daniel brilliantly bonkers bespoke pool tables

Cléon Daniel’s “Brilliantly bonkers bespoke pool tables” are turning heads across the globe

The stunning and delectable Banana and Doughnut Pool Tables, created by designer and master craftsman Cléon Daniel, have been making a splash here in the UK and across the globe.  Featured in the Financial Times’ famous How To Spend It Guide, the report describes Cléon Daniel’s pool tables as “brilliantly bonkers”.  They certainly are eccentric and entertaining.  The Robb Report, Malaysia has also featured Cléon Daniel’s Banana Pool Table.  ” A game of pool will never be the same again”, it writes.  We agree.

Cléon Daniel’s beautiful hand-crafted pool tables are made in England from solid ash.  The slate bed beneath the traditional Hainsworth 100% pure wool billiard cloth, ensures for a smooth game.  Each pool table is supplied with high quality Aramith 2″ pool balls, pool cues, triangle and cue chalk.  Customised pool tables to your specifications can be created.  For more information and to discuss bespoke orders, please contact us on the Contact Form below.

Purling London is proud to be a supplier of these superb works of art.  Take a look in our shop for more details about the Banana and Doughnut Pool Tables.

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