Artist Cheba at work
Cheba at work

Cheba began painting the streets of Bristol in the early 2000’s. Shortly after picking up a spray can, he quickly became addicted to painting on the streets of the city and has been a long-standing figure in his hometown of Bristol’s thriving street art culture.

Cheba has gone on to showcase his work internationally alongside illustrious figures from the world of street art. Notably the ‘Crimes of Passion’ show at the Royal west Academy of Arts and more recently ‘Smile Britannia’ at the House of Commons. His work has also featured in a host of publications, including ‘Graffiti World’, ‘The Art of Rebellion’, ‘Children of the Can’ and ‘Banksy’s Bristol’.

Wizard Nebula (extract) by Cheba
Wizard Nebula (extract) by Cheba
Infared Monkey Head Nebula painting by Cheba
‘Infared Monkey Head Nebula’ by Cheba

Little video from recent commission for @sweatboxgymbristol filmed by @keefetony edited by @aztechsounds #cheba #bristol #sweatbox #sweatboxgym #gym #urbanart #spraypaint #graffiti #commission #streetart #artist

Posted by Cheba Bristol on Friday, 17 August 2018
Cheba at work @sweatboxgymbristol
filmed by @keefetony edited by @aztechsounds

Cheba’s recent work is heavily inspired by Space, specifically the Hubble Telescope photos. His works depict parts of the cosmos like nebulae and star clusters but because the subject is so otherworldly and unfamiliar it blurs the line between the representational and the abstract. Cheba combines the graffiti staple of spray paint with more traditional medias such as oil, acrylic and ink and in recent years experimenting with resin. Painting on layer after layer with various mediums creating nebula like formations sometimes based on real nebulas. Using multiple layers of resin, to create thick paintings that appear almost sculptural, they need to be seen in the flesh to capture the depth of each piece which can be seen differently depending on the angle the work is viewed. 

Cheba has donated many works but most notably he was selected for two charitable fundraising public art exhibitions, Gromits Unleashed and Wow Gorillas, alongside household names such as Sir Quentin Blake, Peter Brookes & Peter Blake. At auction Cheba’s sculptures raised £28,000 and £10,000 respectively, among the highest selling at both auctions.

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No Place Like Home by Cheba
No Place Like Home’ by Cheba
Art Chess by Cheba signature
Art Chess by Cheba with his signature

Full Moon, Bristol wall art by Cheba
‘Full Moon’, Bristol wall art by Cheba
Art Chess by Cheba
Art Chess by Cheba