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Celebrate Independence Day and More with Purling London Games & Gift

Celebrate Independence Day and More with Purling London Games & Gift

4th July is a special day for the people of the United States of America.  Today is Independence Day – a joyous national holiday, which marks America’s declaration of independence from British rule and of the birth of the United States of America in the year 1776.  The fourth of July is a time for the American people to come together and celebrate the country’s rich heritage, history, culture and traditions.

Why not celebrate your American roots with one of our beautiful, American-themed Chess King desk ornaments? Each of these one-off pieces was meticulously hand-painted to resemble the iconic American Stars and Stripes flag.  These hand-carved and beautifully weighted ornaments have been signed by the artist, then finished with a silky, gloss lacquer and branded leather felt.  A fitting tribute to a great nation.


In fact, whatever the occasion, we invite you to browse through our Purling London Shop and be inspired.  Here, we have selected just a few gift ideas.


  1. Groomsmen Gifts:

Looking for something other than cufflinks and whisky glasses for groomsmen gifts? Why not opt for our, Luxury Playing Cards?  These superb, silver-gilded, linen finish playing cards have been updated with a contemporary colour palette for the court cards, stylish, street-art inspired Ace of Spades, jokers and card reverse.  Our Luxury Playing Cards come in single or twin decks and are presented in handsome packaging.

Perhaps a set of our stunning, professional quality Bold Darts might be just the thing.  Our darts are made from 90% Tungsten, with Aluminium shafts and specially designed ‘Marathon’ flights.  Purling London Bold Darts are available in Lunar White, Jet Black and Solar Red. They come in sets of 3 darts, with 3 spare shafts and lights and are presented in a beautiful, gloss-white box.


  1. Golden Wedding Anniversary

What can one buy to mark an auspicious occasional such as this?  Instead of the more common champagne glasses, picture frames and plaques, what about a beautiful Purling London Checkers or Chess Set in Metallic Gold v Gloss White?  Not only do these make for a beautiful feature, but they are also to be played and enjoyed.  The perfect gift for two!

At Purling London we offer a bespoke service, so if you would like to order something with a personal touch, or with custom colours, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to talk through your ideas.


  1. A token of love

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a gift that says “I love you” that is unusual.  We would like to suggest a very special, limited edition brooch by French designer Céleste Mogador.  This exquisite hand-embroidered and beaded “Ace of Hearts Brooch” is stylish, subtle and a little different.  Perhaps this beautiful brooch would be a winning gift for the most important woman in your life?


For more gift ideas, visit our online shop and discover the perfect gift, whatever the celebration.

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