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Bring Your Games Room to Life with Purling London

Bring Your Games Room to Life with Purling London - Nette Robinson excerpt of original painting "No 5"

Bring Your Games Room to Life with Purling London

Purling London has always been in the business of adding a touch of style to classic games in order to enhance the gaming experience for casual and seasoned players, as well as encouraging those who have never played before to try their hands at something new. (Or perhaps I should say, something ancient.)  Purling’s vision has always been to take the traditional and long-standing designs and give them a contemporary twist.  For example, instead of keeping to a traditional buffed wood finished pieces and standard wooden boards, we have collaborated with artists to create one-off hand-painted chess sets and developed stunning LED illuminated boards for backgammon, checkers and chess accompanied by gorgeous, gloss-lacquered coins or pieces.

Purling London’s professional linen-finish set of playing cards has also proved to be a winner, with its traditional English pattern design with updated colour-palette, rich magenta for the hearts and diamonds, specially designed Jokers and Ace of Spades, street-art inspired symmetrical reverse, as well as its beautiful sliver-gilt edging, and smart packaging.  The key to Purling London games is that whilst they may be beautiful, striking or elegant, they are always functional.

As well as continuing to design and retail artistic and stylish games, Purling is also offering games- themed artworks to bring your games rooms and lounges to life.  Amongst our range are stunning hand-crafted mirrors by Form + Beyond, with the bevelled, silvered glass embellished with hand-painted classic slot machine graphics such as cherries, lucky 7s and watermelons. We also have signed prints of contemporary artist Olivia Pilling’s playing card-themed collages.  These are available in two sizes to suit different sized spaces.  A selection of artist and chess player Nette Robinson’s original framed paintings, based on famous chess games are available.  These paintings were created by tracking entire games from start to finish using her own formula of colours to represent the chess board, the pieces and their movements.  For example, red is for bloodshed and symbolises a capture and the pawns, with their potential to become queens are a paler version of their respective female monarch.  The great thing about these paintings is that they appeal to chess players and enthusiasts, as well as to those who know nothing of the game but enjoy them as designs with interesting shapes, angles and vivid colours.  Nette Robinson has chosen classic games as her subjects, such as the famous Immortal Game by Adolf Anderssen and Aron Nimzowitsch’s astonishing 18 move victory.

Since Purling London was established, we have been providing many opportunities for people to come and play classic games on beautiful sets in fabulous surroundings.  Our pop-up games room events have provided unforgettable experiences for many people.  Our guests have delighted in handling our beautifully tactile, glossy pieces, perhaps played their first ever game of chess on an awesome illuminated board or enjoyed a friendly game of cards with our elegant, silky silver-gilt playing cards.  And since the launch of our Games Room artworks and accessories, our pop-up games room evenings have only been enhanced by some of these artworks adorning the walls where guests play.  We have always believed in creating an environment for indoor pursuits which is inspiring, inviting and stylish.  What better way to achieve that for your games room than with Purling London Games Room artwork and accessories.  Visit our Shop to view our full range.

We are excited to be on the brink of launching some new Games Room artwork and accessories.  Watch this space.

Bring Your Games Room to Life with Purling London - Dark Chess
Purling London pop-up board game cafe at Albert's, Kensington
Purling London pop-up board game cafe at Albert's, Kensington

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