Bishop Chronicles’ Adisa Banjoko Interview with Purling

Adisa Banjoko at Purling London
Adisa Banjoko at Purling London
Adisa Banjoko the Bishop's Chronicles
Adisa Banjoko the Bishop’s Chronicles

The broadcaster and educator, Adisa Banjoko came to the Purling studio in Notting Hill, London to interview us about the story of Purling, our inspiration and future visions. It was a pleasure to be part of Adisa’s podcast and also to learn more about him and his inspiring charity work.

Adisa Banjoko, AKA ‘The Bishop of Hip Hop’ is an award winning author and lecturer, who has addressed assemblies at Havard University, San Francisco State as well as other centres of learning to promote the value of hip hop and chess cultures as a positive means of engaging with and helping young at risk people make better life choices and teaching how these seemingly starkly different cultures are in fact intertwined.

In 2006 Adisa founded the Hip Hop Chess Federation; a provision to help disadvantaged young people develop life-skills, positive and creative thinking. Banjoko spreads his philosophy of nonviolence to young people across the country, teaching them to use the strategies of music, chess, and martial arts as tools for self mastery and success.

Hip Hop Chess Federation, run by Adisa Banjoko. RZA from Wu-Tang Clan is their Director of Outreach. Please find out more in the documentary below about its exhibition at World Chess Hall of Fame:

Living Like Kings Hip Hop Chess exhibition at World Chess HOF
Interview with Adisa Banjoko with Colm at the studio
Hanging with Adisa Banjoko at the Purling studio
Interview with Adisa Banjoko for the Bishop Chronicles
Purling interview with Adisa Banjoko for the Bishop Chronicles

Adisa interviewed Purling’s Simon Purkis and Nette Robinson for the Bishop Chronicles; his Podcast on which he talks about hip hop, chess, business and life strategies. The discussion covers Purling’s growth from a seed of an idea, to launching at Harrods and beyond!

Listen to the Purling interview, Episode #84 of the Bishop Chronicles with Adisa Banjoko on:

NB: Interview with Purling starts at 29.55 minutes into the programme (Episode #84).

We truly believe in the mission of Hip Hop Chess and are looking To learn more about the Hip Hop Chess Federation, based in San Francisco USA, click HERE.

RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Hip Hop Chess Director of Outreach
RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Hip Hop Chess Director of Outreach
Bishop Chronicles

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