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Bespoke Pool Table

Bespoke Pool Table

Bespoke Pool Table by Cléon Daniel

Purling London brings you bespoke pool table s and quirky billiards by celebrated British designer Cléon Daniel. Handmade in England, designs include the exquisite and stylish ‘Banana Pool Table’ and the ‘Doughnut Pool Table’.  As well as being witty, delectable and superbly hand-crafted pieces, they are also functional and indeed, give an added layer of fun to the game of pool.

Daniel’s work has attracted attention here in the UK as well as across the globe. He has been on the BBC’s, The One Show, and has been featured in journals and across the national and international press, such as GQ Magazine, The Telegraph, ICON Magazine and ES Magazine, Evening Standard.  Cléon has had work selected for the UK’s Threadneedle national art prize.

In collaboration with Cléon Daniel we can build any shape and size of bespoke pool table you desire. For example in the form of a guitar, beer bottle, your country or company brand – please enquire via our contact form.

Discover the exciting banana and doughnut bespoke pool tables below:

bespoke pool table
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