Bespoke Backgammon set

Purling London offers magnificent bespoke backgammon sets and tables, which can be inspired by your company’s branding, home’s decoration or a theme close to your heart. Discover more about our custom backgammon sets here:

Our unique ‘Art Backgammon’ boards are hand-made in England in collaboration with international contemporary artists including Darren John, Kate Brinkworth, Crystal Fischetti, Francesco Jacobello and more. Each set is hand-painted and 1 of 1.

Blue and copper backgammon on matching board by Francesco Jacobello

Commission your favourite Purling artist to create a bespoke Backgammon set to compliment your interior design, your organisation’s logo or to celebrate a personal memory. Inspirations for previous games have come from Italian family heritage (with hand-cut gold leaf and rich turquoise); memories of carefree summers in the country (with a colour palette of warm yellows and cool blues); or the artist’s street art murals with contrasting clean and textural surfaces in monochrome and gold.

Our custom Backgammon pieces are substantial, hand-carved hardwood, heavily-weighted with high-gloss lacquer and branded leather felt. The wooden boards are Purling’s own minimalist and protected design – with simple bar and flat playing surfaces which uniquely fold downwards. This maximises the opportunity to show off the artwork when displaying the game when not in use.

Playing our bespoke Backgammon sets is a beautiful experience, with the mixing and moving colours as the pieces race around the hand-painted board. Every move is a stride of kinetic art.

If you are interested in commissioning an artist painted custom backgammon set, or simply finding out more, please get in touch with us via our Contact Form below. Founder, Simon, or one of the Purling team will be delighted to discuss with you your wishes and motivations; and to answer any questions you may have.

Black, white, and gold backgammon set in street art style by Darren John
black white and gold backgammon set by Darren John

blue and copper backgammon set by francesco jacobello
Blue, green, and yellow backgammon set in abstract style by Crystal Fischetti