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Purling London in Presenteur pop-up 2018 at Saks Fifth Avnue
Saatchi Start Art Fair Daniela Raytchev's Metropolis II Art Chess set in collaboration with Purling London
Jennifer Shahade talks to Nette Robinson at World Chess Hall of Fame
International Master Vitaly Neimer Talks to Daniela Raytchev for Masters of the Arts Interview
Doron Levy of The Top Tier writes about Purling London Art Chess sets by international artists Including Sophie Matisse and Lhouette
Beren Dere of Bontena Brand Network talks to Simon Purkis, Founder and Director of Purling London - photo credit World Chess Hall of Fame
Art, Duchamp and Retinal Chess - FAD Magazine talks about Purling Art Chess by artist Tom Hackney
GM Maurice Ashley Talks to Nette Robinson
Invitation to Pop Up Games Wed 5th Sept and Wed 3rd Oct at Library, Covent Garden
Masters of the Arts Art History Professor Bradley Bailey interviews Purling London Director Simon Purkis
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