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Art, Innovation: Pool & Billiard Tables to Feast Your Eyes on

Dougnut Pool Table Bespoke pool and billiard tables

Art, Innovation: Pool & Billiard Tables to Feast Your Eyes on

As a master craftsman, Cléon Daniel has been highly praised for his for his exquisite and stylish pool and billiard tables, including his “Banana Pool Table” and “Doughnut Pool Table”.  As well as being witty, delectable and superbly hand-crafted pieces, they are also functional and indeed, give an added layer of complexity to the game of pool.  The Banana Pool Table is certainly one of Daniel’s most famous and wonderfully quirky designs.  His idea for this marvellous, eccentric pool table came about whilst contemplating how things change due to the process of ageing, the environment and intervention, and that although all things ultimately decay and come to an end, they can display many different patterns and signs of decay, as if time is playing a game.  He put the two ideas together; the changing patterns of decay through the passage of time – much as we see the shapes on the skin of a banana alter.  Hence the creation of the “Banana Pool Table”.  The pools balls representing the ever-changing patterns on its skin.  Of course, one can simply see the “Banana Pool Table” as a delightful piece of design and a highly entertaining game.

Celebrated British artist/designer, Cléon Daniel is best known for his intriguing and inventive series of “unventions”, such as his astonishing “Corner Ladder”.   In 2011 Cléon has published some of his humorous ideas and designs in his book “Unventions” (Carpet Bombing Culture). Using his playful and offbeat visual thoughts, Cléon imagines unleashing the ordinary everyday objects from their mundane roles and transforming them into something extraordinary and startling.  Some of our favourite “unventions” designs include the “Pencil Teleporter” and the “Night Time Umbrella”.  Cléon Daniel is clearly an artist who is “a true innovator” and whose “work has the power to excite, inspire and amaze.” (GQ Magazine).


Owing to the success of his “Banana Pool Table”, Cléon created a new and arguably, even more tantalising “Doughnut Pool Table”.  The concept behind this delicious design is to make a comment on a world full of endless enticements, mass-produced in order to seduce the tempted public.   This attractive pool table sports a pink baize cloth to simulate the doughnut’s frosting and the balls represent the colourful sprinkles.  Ever the creative designer, Cléon is continuing to cook up new ideas for future pool and billiard tables.  We can’t wait to see them.


Cléon’s work has attracted attention here in the UK as well as across the globe. He has been on the BBC’s, The One Show, and has been featured in journals and across the national and international press, such as GQ Magazine, The Telegraph, ICON Magazine and ES Magazine, Evening Standard.  Cléon has had work selected for the UK’s Threadneedle national art prize.


We are proud to announce that Purling London is now retailing Cléon Daniel’s stunning, hand-crafted “Banana Pool Table” and “Doughnut Pool Table”.  For further information about how to purchase, or to enquire about commissioning your very own bespoke pool or billiard table, please contact us using the contact form below.


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