Marlow Art Guitars

Purling London is proud to present a stunning selection of one-off Marlow Art Guitars, hand-painted by famous artists including Pure Evil and Alec Monopoly.  These unique electric guitars are made in England by expert and specialist, Steve Marlow.

Marlow Art Guitars build solely high end, professional quality guitars. Each hand-crafted Art Guitar is one of a kind and is built with a meticulous eye for the perfect balance of form and functionality.  Using a combination of the finest woods, hardware, techniques and finishes, Marlow ensures that each instrument is unique in sound as well as appearance.


The forming of Marlow Art Guitars was the result of Steve Marlow’s life-long obsession with one of the most iconic and versatile musical instruments ever created.  Today his passion for playing and building guitars is as strong as ever.  Steven Marlow works closely with each client to create the perfect guitar.

“Marlow Art Guitars is about realising the unique companionship each player has with their instrument and creating something that will result in a life-long love affair.”

(Steve Marlow, Marlow Art Guitars)

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