Art, Duchamp and Retinal Chess – FAD Magazine talks about Purling London Art Chess by Tom Hackney

Art, Duchamp and Retinal Chess - FAD Magazine talks about Purling Art Chess by Tom Hackney

Tom Hackney’s visually stunning hand-painted chess set “Retinal Chess”, which is currently turning heads at the World Chess Hall of Fame in the Purling London solo exhibition, has been picked up by FAD Magazine.  FAD Magazine is the place to go for news, reviews and articles about fashion, art and design.

Read the article for FAD Magazine by Paul Carey-Kent HERE.

In this glowing review of contemporary art Tom Hackney’s work, the article finishes by saying,

“The result is the most interestingly coloured pieces since Yoko Ono’s ‘White Chess Set’,1966.”

(Paul Carey-Kent, FAD Magazine)

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