Art Chess Nette Robinson
Art Chess by Nette Robinson
Mr Jiver Art Chess
Art Chess by Mr Jiver

Art Chess – Hand Painted Chess Sets

Art Chess by Purling London are individually hand painted by specially commissioned British and international artists and no two sets are the same. From established figures to rising stars of the contemporary art scene, Purling has collaborated with over 30 artists to date, including Sophie Matisse, Thierry Noir, Kate Brinkworth, Inkie and Mr. Doodle. Complete with an artist-signed certificate, or signed chess board and our exceptional maple or painted boards; each hand-carved, triple-weighted Art Chess is a miniature sculptural masterpiece.


  • 34 hand-carved boxwood chess pieces, triple-weighted, 10.2cm
  • Individually and uniquely hand-painted by Purling London’s specially commissioned, British and international contemporary artists
  • Purling London branded leather felts
  • Premium Black Anegre and Bird’s-eye Maple board, 3kg, 55cmx55cm; or specially hand-painted board finished with deep gloss lacquer
  • Luxury Purling packaging
  • Signed chess board or signed certificate

We regularly create Art Chess sets to our client’s specification, with their preferred artist and colour palette. Often customers wish to celebrate a personal memory, theme or their corporate brand through the design. Others wish to complement their home’s interior or even match the paint of their classic car. We work closely with our client and their chosen artist to produce the perfect chess set.

Typically we offer 4 inch bespoke Art Chess sets on a 55cm hand-painted or Bird’s eye Maple board, however these pieces can also be matched with a borderless 45cm board. In addition, we also produce smaller 3 inch models on a 36cm board. Lead time is typically 10-12 weeks. Please enquire via our contact form below and Simon and Colm will revert back shortly to assist you.

enamel painted chess pieces
Art Chess by Lhouette
Zizi Donohoe Art Chess in progress
Art Chess by Zizi Donohoe in progress
(Photo credit: Zizi Donohoe)
A chess knight being hand-painted painted
Nette Robinson bespoke chess knight desk ornament in progress
Art Chess by Sickboy
Sickboy x Purling London Art Chess
Art Chess by Darren John at Exhibitionist Hotel photograph by Ian Iceton
Art Chess by Darren John at the Exhibitionist Hotel

“Marcel Duchamp was a great inspiration to me when developing Purling Art Chess. He is memorably quoted as saying ‘I have come to the conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists’. Duchamp ‘gave up art’ to focus on chess for much of his life and created many paintings and several chess sets stirred by this passion.

I hope you will enjoy both viewing and playing Purling Art Chess – as the game proceeds and opposing sides mix and integrate I see a kinetic artwork as the participant fulfills Duchamp’s observation.”

Simon Purkis, Founder, Purling London

Mr Doodle Close up of 'Graffiti Spaghetti #1'
Art Chess by Mr Doodle
black, red and white hand-painted chess set in an interior
Inkie x Purling London Art Chess photograph by Boscolo
Artist finishing her hand-painted chess sets
Olivia Pilling signing her latest chess sets
wooden chess set being hand-illustrated in black ink
Leonardo Frigo hand-illustrated Art Chess set using hand-made ink
Darren John Parallax 5.0 in progress
Art Chess by Darren John Parallax 5.0
Art Chess ornament by Leonardo Frigo
Art Chess ornament by Leonardo Frigo
Nette Robisnon Art Chess with neon signs
Art Chess by Nette Robinson

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