Aim For the Bull’s Eye With Purling London’s Bold Darts

The game of darts has been around for centuries. It is generally believed that darts as we know it today originated in Mediaeval times. During the times when they were not engaged battles, soldiers used to challenge each other to throw short arrows at a slice of tree trunk as entertainment and in order to keep their hand in. As with other pursuits, such as billiards, darts began life as an outdoor activity. However, when the seasons turned or the weather became unfavourable, an outside game, such as this, was not ideal. Due to the issues with throwing large arrows in an indoor space, shorter ones were developed and a slice of tree trunk was brought inside and positioned against a wall. This now allowed for the game to continue to be enjoyed during rainy, windy seasons and even in the depths of winter.
When one considers the growth rings of the inside of a tree trunk, combined with the radiating cracks that would have appeared during its use as a target, one can see how this would have influenced the concentric circles and segmented design of the dartboard which we recognise today.
Since its beginnings, darts has always enjoyed a popularity and was played by all classes. Even Henry VIII was said to have been an avid fan of the game and was presented with a luxurious set of darts by Anne Boleyn. During the Victorian era, darts, along with gambling and other pursuits regarded as “games of chance” was banned in public houses. Famously, a pub owner from Leeds Foot Anakin, was taken to court for allowing darts to be played in his establishment. Anakin was a highly skilful darts player and in court proved that darts was not a game of chance but of skill, thus resulting in the court case being dropped. He shot 3 treble twenties and challenged the officials in the court to do the same. Of course, none of them could and they had to conclude that darts was indeed a game of skill and not of chance. Many traditional pubs are still equipped with a dart board and see many casual games and serious competitions take place.
However, it seems that darts is becoming an ever more popular game, with dedicated darts’ clubs, such as “Flight” seeing a packed house night after night. There’s certainly something tremendously satisfying about getting in a great shot-a beautiful treble twenty or throw which turns the game. However, whatever one’s skill level, darts can be an immensely entertaining pursuit to enjoy with friends and colleagues alike.
That is why Purling London has just launched its brand new Bold Darts. They are specially designed and made in England, combining perfect balance, stylish aesthetics and high-performance. Created to professional specifications of 90% Tungsten barrels and aluminium shafts, they are instruments of precision. Ideal for both amateurs and experts. Our design incorporates laser-engraved Purling logos in the beautifully weighted grip and aerodynamic, street-art inspired flights.
So why not equip yourself with these beautiful darts and join in with the latest trend?
For more information about Purling London Darts, visit our Shop.

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